Working with me is simple.....we start with YOU.

You are the one looking for help, answers and insight; whether that is with relationships, work, parenting or mental health issues – my work is about helping you to help yourself. I will be the listening ear you need, curious to understand why you feel and think what you do.

There will be moments for talking, crying, even laughing, and moments when dreadful perfectly sums up how you feel – and that’s all okay, anything goes and is very much welcome in my therapy room.

My Experience

My experience spans from working as a counsellor in Gravesend in a residential rehab, to a charity working with mothers. I have counselled many issues including anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, trauma, eating disorders, relationships and fertility. No matter what the issue is – the most important thing I have worked with is the person. You are a person, an individual, a human being, and I will treat you like the amazing and complex person that you are, no matter what you think and feel about yourself and others.

My training in art therapy allows me to work more deeply with you, to get to places that sometimes words cannot.

Being more emotionally healthy and aware, is the key to happiness and to understanding yourself. When you work therapeutically with me in the counselling relationship, that’s what you will get – understanding of yourself.

Infertility Counselling:

£75 per session

Sessions last one hour and are usually weekly. Number of sessions will vary by individual client need, however, approximately 6 sessions is the minimum.

The first session is an initial assessment where requirements and suitability are discussed.

For more information see here

Bulk Bookings can be made.


Full payment is required in advance to secure your sessions. Payments can be made by cash, BACS transfer, card or direct debit.

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